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Myriam Ensling CMAP... peace of mind  !!!

Dr. Ensling's Clinical Medicine Access Program is an innovative fee-for-service monthly payment plan that offers affordable fees, yet it provides cost-effective and quality clinical health care coverage for its members.

This program is intended to deliver Acute Medical Care, Evaluation and Treatment of prevalent Chronic Medical conditions including diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and hypertension. We provide office visits, medications, office tests, mental and physical wellness promotion tools including mental health screening tests, personalized diet plans, discounted out-of-office preventive medicine labs and radiologic tests, working with the best providers in the area. We facilitate access to the most experienced and caring specialists in Kansas City for our enrollees.

In Office Services:

All services at Dr. Myriam Ensling's office are considered "In Office" services.

The Main Office is located at 3908 Bell st. Suite A, Kansas City MO, 64111.  


Our In Office services include regular office visits, Tele-medicine visits, Diet prescription and follow ups, medications, in-office tests (COVID19, Influenza, Strep test, Urine analysis, Pregnancy tests) procedures (EKG, wound care, stitches, nebulization) and services (Diet follow up, Body composition analysis) most of them at no added cost or at a low cost; as well as discounted prices on out of office lab tests. 

There are office services, medications  and procedures not covered by the basic program must be paid at the time of the service via credit card or cash only.

The patient will receive prescriptions for regular Pharmacy for all medications we do not provide in this program.

Out of Office Services: 

Services at any location other than Dr. Myriam Ensling's office are considered "Out of Office" services.

Out of Office services are provided by several independent providers in the Kansas City MO and KS area with whom we have arranged quick referral processes and lower fee schedules for their services to our members.  


Out of office providers not only give our patients discounted rates but also in some cases, payment plans for tests, specialists' consultations and hospital procedures.

Our members are responsible to pay in full and often at the time of the service to all Out of Office Providers and Services.   

Uninsured Patients:

Our program is intended to provide coverage for families or related groups of up to five individuals. The plan has a fee of $150 a month (3-5 patients), $100 for 2 patients and $ 70 for one patient. These fees cover one office visit a month, one medication and one office test free of extra charges for one of the members of the group.

If other members  need an office visit, he/she will be charged discounted fees for the services received. The fee for these added visits is $50.00 for an office visits for adults, and $35.00 for each office visit for children. Additional medications and tests will be charged at discounted prices.

See list 


Insured Patients:


Patients who have Health Insurance, frequently have Low premium /High deductible insurance plans. Often, patients with this kind of Health Insurances; have the disadvantage of having to pay full price for outpatient medical visits and medications before the patient meets his/her insurance deductible.

High costs of medical services often discourage these patients from seeking medical care on a timely manner. Delays in seeking medical care are sometimes associated with worsening of the initial condition which usually requires higher treatment costs, increased absenteeism at work and even need for hospitalization.     

Thus, Dr. Ensling's MCAS can also supplement insured patient's Health Insurance by allowing the purchase of lower premium Insurance Plans while ensuring access to outpatient medical care services described below.

Fees and Services for Insured patients are the same than those offered to Uninsured patients.

See some Out of Office Services Fees  ​




A-Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Conditions in adults and children: Chronic conditions include  Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Hypothyroidism, etc, (See Acute Care) 


B-Coordination  of care:

We will  initially assess patient and order initial tests to establish a likely diagnosis and attempt an initial treatment, 

We will refer the patient for further testing or specialized care when needed. We will inform the patient of his/her alternatives for treatments, and the likely cost of specialized care and testing.

At this time, our program does not offer emergency care and if we determine that the patient's contition warrants this type of care, we will refer the patient to the nearest Emergency Department

C-Referral to specialists and radiology testing: once a likely diagnosis is suspected and an initial treatment is tried, sometimes we will conclude that the patient needs a specialist referral or radiology testing. We we will do the paperwork that is needed and in some cases we can obtain an appointment for the patient. Yet in many cases, specialists require direct contact with the uninsured patient They want to determine if they can provide the care the patient needs and do this on a case by case basis. Sometimes they may not be able to provide the care the patient needs and we will try to contact other specialsits.



D-Preventive Medicine:

Screening: Blood pressure, Obesity, Pap smears, cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, etc 





And much more....  








 And much more.....


 Acute Conditions include:










  And much more.....



CMAP 816 905 4662

            816 599 2102

Dr. Ensling's office

            816 541 3031

            913 804 5569

Fax: 816 599 2102

3908 Bell st Suite A, Kansas City, MO 64111


Myriam Ensling Clinical Medicine Access Program offers a comprehensive Weight loss program that includes a Medically Supervised Personalized Diet for our patients. They also have access to Bariatric Surgery especially priced for our members. We work in collaboration with Dr. Sabalwarth at MISH hospital (see below).

Medically Supervised Personalized Diet Plan:

Developed and Supervised by Dr. Myriam Ensling based on scientific evidence as well as her several years of experience successfully treating Morbid Obese patients in preparation for Orthopedic Surgery.


The basis of our weight loss program are:

A personalized diet designed for each patient according to their level of activity, initial weight, budget, preferred foods and the presence of obesity related conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, gout, etc.                                


The other pillar of our program is patient education. We provide an initial education package with written information including a baseline detailed diet prescription with several options for main meals and snacks. The patient can check our website where the patient can find recipes, videos, website links and ideas for grocery foods that can fit their prescribed diet.

Our goal with education is give our patients the tools to manage their weight on their own with out having to depend on any specific plan or commercial  products.  


To prescribe a diet,  we look for the patient's dietary habits that could unsuspectingly promote their weight gain or increased



We teach our patients to detect the foods  at the root of their weight gain and obesity related conditions.

Our Patients can chose their own foods they gradually learn to detect foods that promote weight gain and to keep an eye on the proportions of nutrients. When they gain weight, they are aware of what foods they should have stayed away from and can make corrections on their own, then go back in track with their weight loss plan. Our patients rarely go back to their initial weight.


We assess their weight loss closely and discuss their food intake in every visit which are scheduled by weekly or monthly according to the clinical case.


We assess their body composition analysis to determine the percentage of fat, muscle and water in the patients't s body when they start the diet and after every 20 pound weight loss. The assessment of body composition is vital to ensure the patient is losing fat and no muscle mass which would indicate malnutrition.  


We can prescribe medications for appetite control if needed.


New Feature!!!!
We can facilitate access to low-cost Bariatric Surgery Services for our Members and low complexity Surgeries. 

Myriam Ensling Clinical Medicine Access Program facilitates access to discounted low to moderate complexity Surgery  Services to its members. 


We have been able to arrange affordable fees for Bariatric Surgery for our members. Our patients themselves have been able to arrange low rates for some surgeries such as appendectomies, cholecystectomies, ENT surgeries, OB Gyn and wound care surgeries by speaking directly with their surgeons.

Note:  Hospital Services: Admissions, Surgeries, Medications, Tests, and Procedures are not included in the list of services paid by the monthly membership fees.  

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